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Advanced Engineering Corp. is a provider of Eco Energy Solutions for a variety of power generation technologies CHP for Distributed Energy DG – Integrated Systems


Renewable Energy

District Energy is the ability to incorporate renewable energy into the thermal grid. Since DE is technology neutral, communities with a thermal grid can switch from their current sources of energy to make use of renewable technologies 

Renewable Energy – CHP Technology – Combined Cycles


Project Management – Authorized Distributor – Maintenance Services

Advanced Engineering Corp offers install maintenance and parts as listed below

  • Gas Turbines, – 0.04-1MW, 2MW ,3MW. – natural gas,biogas, propane,oil
  • Reciprocating Engines, – ,biogas, propane,landfill gas,natural gas
  • Steam Turbines
  • Head exchangers
  • Combined cycles
  • .Solar, – Integrated systems
  • Heat recovery boilers, , co-generation,
  • ORC Turbines, – Geothermal ,Waste heat
  • Energy storage systems
  • Fuel Cell,- hydrogen, natural gas, propane,methanol

Maintenance plans full service – Replacement parts, consumables ,Blades , Valve, Sealing, Other per OEM specs
Combined heat and power (CHP) technologies has grown among energy customers, regulators, legislators, and developers over the past decade as consumers and providers seek to reduce energy costs while improving service and reliability. CHP is a specific form of distributed generation (DG), which refers to the strategic placement of electric power generating units at or near customer facilities to supply onsite energy needs. CHP enhances the advantages of DG by the simultaneous production of useful thermal and power output, thereby increasing the overall efficiency.

chp versus separate heat and power shp production

Turbomachinery – Eco updates for improve efficiency and reduce gasses emissions

Replacement parts ,Blades , Valve, Sealing, Other

Advanced Engineering Corp offer free energy surveys explaining all the technologies . Our team and partners operates globally and is dedicated to offer exceptional service from consultation, pricing, installation and after sales cost effective maintenance services ‘Going green’ is no longer simply a lifestyle choice – it is a social responsibility and an economic reality we must all face. This change can positively improve our surroundings, provide tangible benefits and save money.

Advanced Engineering Corp provides management and technical services including technical advisory, parts sourcing and quality assurance. Technical Services and Inspection Services operate together to guarantee client satisfaction. We utilizes an experienced network of independent and OEM qualified specialists on behalf of its clients to facilitate any critical path. Advancing and optimizing designs to provide energy saving and manufacturable solutions is considered a core capability at AEC , and those skills and proprietary tools are well demonstrated by the variety of advanced technology turbomachinery AEC has developed for green energy technologies

Advanced turbomachinery solutions for improved and emerging clean energy technologies
The world’s growing demand for renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly electricity is being provided by a broad and fragmented mix of green energy technologies. And virtually all refined, new, and proposed technologies for generating “green” electricity rely on improved designs for turbines, compressors, expanders, pumps, and fans to make them economically and environmentally viable. Solar, wind, hydro, tidal, wave, geothermal, and biomass energy resources require advanced turbomachinery designs to efficiently extract power from low-density flows, and to help justify the value proposition required for project success.

A Total “green” Turbomachinery Resource
The success of a highly effective and sustainable turbo-green machine operating over a wide range of conditions can often depend on advances and breakthroughs in turbomachinery design and manufacturing facilitated by highly specialized CAE and CAM software systems. To meet optimum performance goals, will utilize advanced technology. But to be cost competitive with these solutions must be complemented with sophisticated tool-path programs for accurate and economical 5-axis milling.


Advanced Engineering Solutions for Evaluation and Upgrades for Steam Turbines

Improve the Efficiency cost effectiveness of Your Turbomachinery by Audit and Evaluation Modernization

Audit a performance cost/benefit assessment service that will offer an understanding of the condition of turbomachinery from a maintenance and performance standpoint. Evaluations often indicate that relatively modest modifications or maintenance to existing turbines can yield an attractive economic return and should merit management consideration.
Turbomachinery audits are designed to isolate the areas of inefficiency in the turbine so that improvements can be made, restoring lost efficiency and ultimately impacting the plant’s bottom line by:
• Reducing fuel costs
• Recovering lost output
• Identifying parts needs in advance of outages
• Providing performance improvement upgrade recommendations

Upgrade Opportunities

Upgrades are frequently considered in industrial facilities containing older turbines & generators and/or mechanical drive units. Upgrades also merit consideration in facilities where process changes are anticipated that can adversely affect the optimum performance of installed turbine equipment.
• Efficiency Enhancement
• Up-rates
• De-rates
• Reliability Upgrades and Life Extension Programs
• Control and Monitoring System Upgrades

Upgrades for cleaner energy solutions



  • Technology of Methane Fermentation with Biochemical Processes Accelerator (BPA Technology) *NEW Revolutionary innovative process*

The presented technology is designed and dedicated for high-performance processing of agricultural
products, animal faeces, bio-waste materials from agri-food industry, slaughterhouse waste materials,
overdue food, sewage sludge and organic fraction of municipal waste (especially green waste).
The use of such a broad spectrum of the fermentation substrates is possible due to a modular
construction of the system and unique Biochemical Processes Accelerator (BPA Technology). This
Accelerator allows homogenization of the waste used, rapid degradation f waste materials into simple
compounds (sugars and acids) which afterwards are used by methanogenic bacteria for biogas
production with high methane content. Action of this Accelerator allows for quick changes of served
substrates (up to several times per day), which is impossible in a typical agricultural biogas plant because
it leads to disturbances in the process, and even can stop the fermentation process.
Huge advantage of the installations working in the methane fermentation technology of Biochemical
Processes Accelerator is modular design. It allows the size formation of the plant (from 100 kWe even up
to 4-5 MW) in dependence on availability of the substrates for fermentation and possible revocation of
the energy produced

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